Tara - Lead Vocal

 Lead Female vocalist (and one time national cow bell champion) for 5 Minute Major. Tara's music career has spanned a lifetime, from the time she was 10 years old she has been singing for weddings and family events. At age 12 she was asked to sing the National Anthem at the Metrodome for a Twins baseball game, it was a highlight. Various school and church musicals have paved the way for the performer she is today. Tara has lent her vocals to groups such as Northern Charm, Shelbys Voyage, Eagle River Band, Maiden Dixie and Inside Out Band. She doesn't want to sing on The Voice, The X Factor or American Idol, she wants to sing for YOU!  Catch Tara at an upcoming show, her energy on stage is sure to ignite a fire under everyone in the room! 

Robert (aka Bomber) - Guitar & Keys

Robert has been playing guitar for over 20 years (OK, on and off for over 20 years) and keyboards for… um, "a while" He is a classic rock trivia GENIUS and this love of the music he plays shows through. Past bands are too numerous to list and too hard to remember. Robert is also the best looking guy in the band other than Dave, Chris and Terry (listed here in no particular order). Robert plays his own custom crafted guitars along with  with DiMarzio pickups and Floyd Rose whammy bars. This runs through a Kemper Profiler, QSC amplification, Rocktron talkbox, and Yamaha keyboards.

Dave Stammler

Dave Stammler

Dave Stammler

Dave has been a staple of the Twin Cities music scene for many years.  He has played with numerous acts, toured regionally and nationally, and is among the best guitar players the Cities has to offer!



Terry Dokken (No relation to Don as far as I know...) 


Chris Colway

Chris likes tacos....